Is Your Brand Changing People? Good Marketing Helps People Solve Problems. Be Friends with Your Customers. Your Brand Can Grow In Any Economy When You Treat Your Customers Like Friends. Rapport Matters Is a Shopify Marketing Agency.

We want to see
your brand change people.

No more mindless consumers

Treat your customers like friends, and your brand can grow in any economy. People become friends when they share the same values, speak the same language and have a similar story.

What we learned
Working with large direct-to-consumer brands

Was how effective a long-term marketing strategy can be

That buying ads and creating entertaining Instagram posts are short-term tactics. And they're not the only way to create revenue.

To win the long game, a brand must transform their customers – solve their problem.

Marketing Success Is Knowing Your Customers Better Than Anyone Else. Helps Customers Win. Brand Growth Marketing. Business Growth Is More Than Revenue. Help People Change. People Remember Brands That Help Them Solve Their Problems.

Success is knowing your customer better than anyone else

When you do, you might realize your customers need to hear other pieces of your brand's story before they buy.

How can we help tell your brand's story?

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