Cost of services

How we charge for each project and monthly support.

No, we don't use hourly rates anymore. We found it made us too strict with our time and held us back from producing creative work. Some of the best work happens when we're not in front of a computer. And we don't want to charge clients for that time.

70% of the project is based the average amount of time to finish it. The other 30% of the cost is built around the value that we're providing. Things we've learned over years of building Shopify websites, marketing funnels and growth tactics are hard to quantify in an hourly rate. So we look at the entire project and what the outcome is.

Yes, we do. To give our best work for your time and ours, we only start projects for a minimum of $2000.

Shopify Websites

Whether you need a new Shopify website or are looking for new ways to grow your store, we can help:

If this is purely a migration and you don't need marketing help, it's short and simple process.
We grab important data from your current website (images, videos, product information, blog posts, etc). and get it ready for Shopify's platform. Then, we chose a theme (free or paid) for your website and all the data. Lastly, we verify the correct taxes and shipping fees are being charged, that you're using the right credit card processors and a bit more...

It really depends how much information we're copying from your old website to the new one. And if we're helping to improve your website conversions or marketing. Most projects take between 1 and 4 weeks.

Yes! It's one of our favourite things to do. The founder, Kellan Hannah, used to work at Shopify for 4 years. He learned all the secrets to improving conversion rates and what customers really want to see on a website.


How marketing funnels grow a brand and our philosophies:

Think of it as building a relationship with customers. And the stages of the relationship relate to pieces of your brand. 1) Awareness = content your brand has produced (blogs, videos, social media, etc.), 2) Enlighten = the story you tell on your website, landing pages, and through emails, 3) Motivate = people clearly understand your offer and take action.

It depends on where you think your current marketing isn't working. Maybe you're great on social media and can get people to your website, But very few people are buying. So you probably need help with your website. That could take anywhere from 1-4 weeks to complete. Most of our projects take fall into this timeline; 1-4 weeks.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Content strategy

Anything from high-level planning for all your marketing communications, to creating social media content, blogs and videos:

We first research who your customers are and what they want. Then, we clarify your brand's message and its outcomes. Using this information, we focus on a few content pillars (topics) to talk about. These topics are what create your social media posts with, what blogs talk about and what kind of videos you make.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.