Raise University’s course, Now Build, empowers you with a framework of actionable steps that will get you on the fast track to minimizing risk and higher profitability starting with your next (or first) real estate project.

Rodney first came to us through a brand agency, Godzspeed. He was looking for the best way to market his real estate development of course. He didn't want to be compared to YouTube videos. Or to people selling similar, over-priced courses.


Digital strategy
Marketing strategy
Lead generator



The Problem

Rodney was most curious about how to price the course. Many other real estate development programs won't give the depth of knowledge Rodney has. And most instructors won't have developed to the same scale as Rodney. He also needed a way to create interest for people who might be window shopping his course.

Our Solution

To find a reasonable price for the course we evaluated the length of the course (12 hrs) and how many modules it included (9). We also considered how much value it created for the student, and how much time it would save them. Eventually we landed on $734 USD.

As for building interest, creating a lead generator would be an automated way to give value to people interested in the program, but who needed to gather more information before starting it. We titled it 10 Essential Elements to a Successful Real Estate Development.

Kellan gave us exactly what we needed to get momentum with marketing the course. He helped take the course from idea to reality.
Rodney Wilts, Co-founder Theia Partnersđź’¬