Bel Fiore Flowers is a staple in Ottawa's downtown community and has been making artistic flower arragements for over 20 years. Minoo, the owner, needed to move online during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Minoo approached us for our best-in-class Shopify guidance. We created a simple Shopify store for her clients. Downloaded a couple of apps to help with pickups & deliveries, as well as flower subscriptions. And created an Instagram content strategy.


Store setup
Design & UX
App integration
Instagram strategy
Email integration
Ongoing success


Shopify website
Shopify POS
Shopify Ping
Paywhirl subscriptions

Minoo was like most retail store owners, wondering if the lockdown would end soon and if moving her store online would sustain her sales during the uncertain time. Like many entrepreneurs, she wore many hats and needed help creating the online store, managing it, and improving the customer experience to encourage more sales.

With all of our clients, we start with the StoryBrand Framework — a formula that simplifies a brand's marketing to the customer.

Then, we chose a Shopify Premium Theme (Streamline). It had the large image layout we needed to accurately represent her flowers and plants, as well as being a mobile responsive theme.

Lastly, we integrated the store with a Shopify's POS, a subscription app for flowers, as well as emails notifications and automations.

Minoo, Founder 💬
"Making connections with my customers...

is so important to me and Rapport Matters made it easier than ever to build relationships in a digital setting.

Before, I was only selling to customers from my retail store. Now my business is growing, and I'm reaching customers from all over."