BeChangeBen Coaching is helping you get back to the strongest version of yourself. Gut health is what makes all the difference in someone's life. And Ben is on a mission to help as many people as he can reclaim their health.

Ben knew he needed an easy way to reach his customers online. And to reach the right people, he also knew how important his marketing messaging needed to be.


Store setup
Content creation
Professional photos
Design & UX
Social media content
Ongoing success


Studio 20/20

The Problem

Gut health and the microbiome can be complex topics. Ben needed help bringing an important message to people of varioius backgrounds in way that anyone can understand. He needed a website he could sell through. As well as content to create awareness.

Our Solution

Anyone selling online needs a Shopify store. We knew it would offer Ben the most diverse way to sell across any channel, and be. a central piece in his business.

Next, using the StoryBrand framework, we would take the large topic of someone's gut health and simplify it digestable content. Letting anyone understand how Ben could help.

"My strength is not in marketing or using Shopify. And that's exactly why I rely on Rapport Matters. They take what's large and abstract and simplify it to an actionable strategy."
Ben Johnson, Founder 💬